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Dream Interpretation

When you share a dream for interpretation, I will...

  • Unpack the dream into it's sections, parts, main symbols, and so on

  • Let you know what I see, notice and feel in the dream

  • Give you ideas of ways you might consider the dream connecting to your waking life

  • Give you an overall summary about what the dream seems to be suggesting

  • Answer any follow up questions you have (up to 2 rounds of email replies, or 10 extra conference minutes)

Dream interpretation is a correspondence about the symbols and patterns that resonate for me about your dream. They serve to get you started thinking in a new way about your dream; they are NOT meant to define a dream’s meaning for you.

What I offer is based on my studies of the general patterns of the dreaming mind and on many years of experience unpacking dreams and their symbols with people.

I promise to include lots of details in my breakdown of the various situations and symbols in your dream. The more details you provide, the more response I can provide. I will also include questions for you to consider which  might lead you down a path towards discovering some inner wisdom or new perspective. What you receive from me is meant to be a beginning, not an ending.

The value and time I pour into my interpretations is a point of pride for me, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re not satisfied with my response. While I cannot guarantee a full refund for dissatisfaction with this service (due to the time and effort already provided), I will consider a partial refund on a case by case basis.