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a trained spiritual director, empath, + dream expert.


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  • Are you yearning to express the full depth of your inner truth with ease, on the regular, and without filter or fear?

  • Are you frustrated when you invest in your spiritual growth, and feel really good while you’re there, but still find yourself “playing small” and withholding some of yourself when you’re around other people?

  • Do you know, deep down, that there is an inner healer, inner Goddess, inner Divine Power just waiting to come out?

  • Have you always been drawn to spiritual tools, books and experiences?

  • Do you wish you could more fully express your compassionate, peaceful, spiritual nature in the midst of your busy daily life?

If this is you, then we should talk. I have cultivated and honed my specific skill set and God-given gifts for more than ten years in order to work with you now! I want to help you forge a more secure channel of communication & dialogue between you and that indwelling source of divinity. Read more at the links below.