I am Pam Muller, affectionately known as Sweet Georgia Pam. I am a spiritual director, dream expert, author and highly sensitive person. And, I am obsessed with helping you learn how your dreams are supporting your personal growth every night.

I became a dream expert because of the way dreams taught me to trust and listen to my own inner wise woman.

Along the way I discovered that often, learning to listen to your dreams organically deepens your spirituality; and this led me into the field of spiritual direction (yes, it’s a thing).

Please browse through the website, and then contact me and tell me- what part of it captivates you? What draws you in and makes you want to know more? Let me know how I can help you in your journey!

Welcome, I wish you miracles and sweet dreams.

If you work with dreams long enough, if you follow the bread crumbs they offer, eventually you’ll be led down to the deepest center of yourself where language will not do justice to what you’re experiencing.

That point where your dreams intersect with your spiritual center is where I am interested in working with you.
— Sweet Georgia Pam
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