using dreams to facilitate deep, reflective inner work
Sweet Georgia Pam, you are blowing our minds!
— Tad Lemire (Morning Radio Host- B98.5fm)
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a trained spiritual director, empath, + dream expert.


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  • Are you yearning to express the full depth of your inner truth with ease, on the regular, and without filter or fear?

  • Are you frustrated when you invest in your spiritual growth, and feel really good while you’re there, but still find yourself “playing small” and withholding some of yourself when you’re around other people?

  • Do you know, deep down, that there is an inner healer, inner Goddess, inner Divine Power just waiting to come out?

  • Have you always been drawn to spiritual tools, books and experiences?

  • Do you wish you could more fully express your compassionate, peaceful, spiritual nature in the midst of your busy daily life?

If this is you, then we should talk. I have cultivated and honed my specific skill set and God-given gifts for more than ten years in order to work with you now! I want to help you forge a more secure channel of communication & dialogue between you and that indwelling source of divinity. Read more at the links below.



In addition to working with individuals as a spiritual director and providing individual dream expertise, these are a few other projects worth mentioning.

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33 Ways to Work with Your Dreams
A Beginner’s Guide to Dream


Your dreams exist to help you. They tell the rest of your story—the part that you have not owned up to or lived into yet. When you unpack a dream using the strategies in this book, you’ll find great wisdom contained within them, wisdom specifically created from your life experiences. It only takes a little learning to begin to understand the language of your inner voice, and this book is a perfect starting place.

Teaching Videos

Watch all of my latest videos by subscribing to the Sweet Georgia Pam YouTube channel! Get short 3-5 minute instructional videos like:

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The Sweet Dreams Pajama Party!

This is my signature event

It’s a party like no other. When people found out that we were having a pajama party, they showed up! And when they learned that it was about nighttime dreams, dream analysis and sleep well-being, they showed up armed with all of their questions! I facilitate a 3-ish hour event teaching all about dreams and sleep wellness.


Featured in Voyage Atlanta

This interview is a quick read and a very personal account of my journey into spiritual direction work and dreams as a tool for deep, reflective inner work.




Radio Show Guest

I am a repeat guest on radio shows around the Atlanta Georgia area including

B98.5 FM
106.1/107.1 Your Georgia Country
106.7 Talk Radio